Family-responsive policies in private companies

Family is considered to be the most important value, regardless of culture, race or political views. It is the value for which employees are most willing to take a pay cut. The family is also the institution where such key values as honesty, trust, reciprocity, commitment, social activism and sensitivity, and loyalty are transmitted and nurtured to build a civil society.

Due to the fact that enterprises are often the closest institutions, they should provide employees with conditions for building high quality relations within their families. This activity can be considered one of the key elements of corporate social responsibility.

An enterprise, as a subject of civil society, is analyzed in many different ways. As the entity closest to the majority of citizens, it also significantly influences the relationships built within the family. Both institutions can mutually enrich themselves.

In addition to creating and stabilizing the social order, parents’ work makes them equipped to effectively manage family affairs and raise children in a more balanced way. On the other hand, caring for the fate of the family develops many valuable skills in the employee, which he or she can later use in the workplace. These include communication skills, empathy, flexibility and crisis management.

Intuitively, a conclusion arises that the company should communicate care for employees’ families, e.g. in activities related to the increasingly popular corporate social responsibility. This is because the family affects CSR on two levels: (1) the personal dimension in the work-family relationship, which is closely related to attention to working conditions in CSR activities, and (2) the social dimension of business activities – each enterprise operates in a specific local and environmental reality.

A company policy, designed to support the family, benefits the business itself by increasing employee productivity, reducing employee stress, increasing morale, and reducing absenteeism in the workplace. There is no doubt that the basis of family-oriented activities of the company is job security and adequate wages. However, the idea of corporate social responsibility obliges companies to more active social activities.

The Report on the family-responsive policies in the workplace

Taking into account the above mentioned criteria, the Project PL Foundation is preparing a comprehensive report on family-friendly solutions in private companies. The Report will address the following issues:

  • Theoretical aspects of the interdependence of family and socio-economic systems;
  • Legal conditions of family-friendly solutions in private companies;
  • A review of previous research in the field of family-responsive policies;
  • Results of our original research conducted on a group of Polish entrepreneurs;
  • Recommendations for the private and public sectors – entrepreneurs and regulators.

The report aims to identify the role of the family in the development of private businesses. Its added value will be specific recommendations, both showing entrepreneurs how family-friendly activities can support the development of their companies and suggesting specific legal solutions to regulators, facilitating the use of family-friendly solutions, such as e.g. child care support, paternity leaves, flexible working hours, permanent limited-time job or the availability of additional services to support the building of quality relationships within families of company stakeholders.