About us

Our dream is a Poland that is the best country to live in for every family and people who want to take responsibility for our homeland. We believe that the fulfill our dream we need attentiveness in digitalisation, balance in the economic system and a courageous society that is sensitive to others.


Digitisation is understood as the totality of the activities associated with the Big Tech industry, the use of screen devices and the process of introducing new technologies into all areas of our lives. It is the phenomenon that has had by far the greatest impact on civilisation since the beginning of history, shaping the human psyche and directing the behaviour of entire societies to a degree previously unknown. As digitalisation is a process that is generally considered to be only beneficial, there is still not enough wide-ranging debate about its limits, its darker sides and its impact on the human psyche, especially that of children. Through substantive contributions, we want to be the leading think tank for proposals for the systemic correction and regulation of the digitisation process.

We want to combine national development with a conservative family model. We believe that the breakdown of the family will inevitably lead to economic and political decline. That is why in our activities we touch upon issues such as family-friendly solutions in companies or labour market regulations that will strengthen the family. We believe that a huge and underestimated problem of the family in Poland and worldwide is the unregulated use of electronics by children and young people, which exacerbates the family crisis.

Our inspirations

Building a strong state is still very much underestimated in Polish conditions. We understand that the legacy of communism still affects our perceptions.

We believe that the state and those who are better off have a moral obligation to take responsibility for the weakest and to level the playing field. However, we want to do this in accordance with the spirit of Christian democracy, respecting the values of the social market economy and avoiding the social-democratic confining of individual freedom.

We want a welfare state, but one that does not hijack the family and restrict individual freedom, as has happened in many European social democracies. We want to look for solutions that build an efficient state, but drawing on Catholic Social Teaching rather than the theories of Adorno and Marcuse. We are inspired by CST, the social market economy, the theory of ordoliberalism, institutional and behavioural economics.

Poland can afford a capitalism that is based on the individual, the family. A capitalism that supports the weak and levels out inequalities. We believe that there is no better economic system than capitalism, but while recognising its flaws, we want to co-create its “human face” by recommending regulations that make the system fairer.

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