About us

We are a think-tank constituted by social leaders and entrepreneurs attracted to social relations in Poland. Our ambition is to build a whole society of citizens responsible for their habitat, in accordance with the Catholic social teaching.

Our activities focus on two pillars: responsibility of entrepreneurs and a role of family in creating in Poland a market economy that will be sensitive to social relations on both levels: family and – more broadly – interpersonal relations. We believe that the cooperation between employers and employees is the only way to a stable, long-lasting and sustainable social development. Its foundation is family – basic social unit. Only strong family can provide a guarantee of active civil society maintenance in Poland – it is a condition sine qua non.


To achieve our goals we are working in various projects that focus on enhancing entrepreneurs’ social commitment and promoting a role of family in modern economy worldwide.

Our projects take place in various fields:

  • Reports and analyzes,
  • Social research,
  • Knowledge base about Family and Economy of Responsibility (Civil Economy),
  • Advocacy for family as a basic social unit,
  • Events and international cooperation,
  • Support for Christian families and entrepreneurs in Poland in the EU. 

Our Vision

Poland has a great chance to become the best country to live for all the entrepreneurial people with strong values systems. It should guarantee a friendly state and the best possible living conditions for families, as well as all the people willing to lead their businesses in the meaningful way, in accordance with their religion, building their families and communities.

Projekt PL Identity

We believe that entrepreneurship is not only about making money. We truly believe in a wider context of business, its social responsibility and the fact that labor is way more important than capital. We all have to find a balance between work and family life. That is the only way for the fruits of our work to stay in Poland and build a stable and sustainable economy. Sustainable development of Poland must be reached through a synergy in the relations between employee and employer, state and individuals, as well as tax-collectors and taxpayers.

“There exists a necessity for entrepreneurs to discover the true feeling of social recognition, to realize they create the common good, to distance themself from all the profiteers and speculators that usurp the great name of an Entrepreneur, to become the heirs of medieval merchants and a foundation of every free and virtuous society.”

Luigino Bruni, “Civil Economy”

“Parents prepare their children to wealth creation by transmitting to them the rules of social order, giving them a gift of a language and teaching values and attitudes promoted in the society and the economy. Without a “free lunch” they deliver a money economy would collapse.”

Alvin and Heidi Toffler, “Revolutionary Wealth”

Foundation’s Executive Board


Adam Zych – President

Graduate of Cracow University of Economics in the faculty of International Economic Relations and University of Applied Sciences in Kiel with the specialty of International Business Economics. Adam is a businessman with 20 years of experience. He is a co-owner of a sportswear company and an owner of solar covers broker. Adam is a member of the Advisory Board of the Jagiellonian Club. He is interested in the social dimension of entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility, supporting numerous social and communal initiatives. Adam is a Founder and CEO of Projekt PL Foundation. He is married to Ewa – they raise four children, trying to practically experience and promote a balance between a family and professional activities.

Marcin Kawko – Member of the Board

Graduate of Finance and Accounting at Warsaw School of Economics, PhD student of the Institute of Enterprise. He gained his experience in various fields, e.g. tax consultancy, sales, marketing, events and conferences, as well as tourism – he is a licensed tour guide. Marcin is an expert in Caritas Laudato Si project. He works with numerous NGOs, e.g.: the Jagiellonian Club, The Economy of Francesco and Catholic Intelligentsia Club in Warsaw. He is a co-founder of The Common University of Catholic Social Teaching and a founder of The Common Good Perspective – think-tank consulting and promoting business ethics. His scientific research focuses on: business ethics, civil economy and economy of communion, relational goods, family economics and family business, consumer ethnocentrism and Catholic Social Thought. Marcin is an amateur triathlete and a folk dancer in the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of Warsaw School of Economics.

Michał Twardosz

Graduate of the Pedagogical University of Cracow in the faculty of International Relations. Vice President of Polish Fundraising Association and a member of Polish-Czech Scientific Association. Professional fundraiser, educator and longtime, active volunteer involved in the development of the third sector in Poland. Participant and advisor for many NGOs, for example, The Work of Kolping’s in Poland or Polish Portal DomyDziecka.org. As an educator, he has conducted hundreds of workshops for pedagogical councils, parents and students as well. He is a co-creator of several magazines, where he is popularizing the idea of philanthrope and fundraising. He is a coordinator of the Cracovian Fundraising Club. In the past, he was working in the publishing industry and in the FaceUp startup. As a hobby, he is a licensed skydiver.

Martyna Żak

Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics in the Faculty of Law and Economics. Author of dozen science articles. Co-author of  a book “Kapitalizm dekad reorientacji. Rozważania na temat gospodarek wysokorozwiniętych”. Active participant in many Polish and international scientific conferences, as well as many debates about social and economic issues. A member of the Foundation of Humanistic Economies.

Foundation Council


Heros David Musial – Chairman

Born in Irati, Paraná District in Brasil, son of Mario Musial and Maria de Lourdes Brandalise Musial. His father comes from Poland, his great-grandparents came to Brasil from Poland in 1890. His mother is Italian. In March 1989 he graduated from the Federal University of Paraná in Curitiba with the diploma of an industrial pharmacist and laboratory diagnostician. He came to Poland in April 1992 and got the citizenship in 2000. In the same year he got a PhD title in the field of medical biology, in 2008 he graduated from business school IESE in Barcelona – Universidad de Navarra. He has a company offering health market insurances. Since the beginning of his adventure in Poland he cooperates with numerous social entities, e.g. Harambee Poland, Furca and others.

Karol Tatara – Vice-Chairman

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University and the School of American Law in The Catholic University of America in Washington. His specializes in bankruptcy and restructuring law. Vice-chairman of the Allerhand’s Institute in Cracow, Deputy Dean of the National Chamber of Restructuring Advisors for Legislation. Karol is an external expert in the working group for changes in the law of consumer bankruptcy appointed by the Minister of Justice. Expert of the World Bank in the field of insolvency law in the Doing Business report. Founder and CEO of the Ars Legis – the St. Ivo’s Association.