"Family-responsive policies in the Digital Era"

The conference will take place on the 17th of May in Warsaw, Poland, in a hybrid formula (combining elements of a traditional congress and online activities).

The programme is divided into two panels/discussions:

  1. Family-responsive policies in the workplace – a company perspective

  2. Family-responsive regulations – should the state regulate digitalization inside the family?

Each panel will be opened by two introductory presentations (10-15 min.) in order to set the ground for the further discussion. Moreover, the organizers will present the results of research on family-responsive policies in private enterprises in Poland.

After the event, the organizers will prepare conclusions and recommendations for public policies, which will be published and presented to the media and politicians.

The event will be held in English, however both conclusions and recommendations will be also translated into Polish.

PROJEKT PL is a Warsaw-based think-tank constituted by social leaders and entrepreneurs committed to social relations in Poland. Our ambition is to build a society of citizens responsible for their habitat. Our activities focus on two pillars: responsibility of entrepreneurs and the role of family in creating in Poland a market economy that will be sensitive to social relations.